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Life – Our Journey

Life is just a stepping-stone

A pause before we make it home

A simple place to rest and be,

Until we reach eternity.

Everyone has a life journey,

A path to take with lots to see

God guides our steps along the way,

But we were never meant to stay.

Our final destination is a place

Filled with love, His majesty and grace.

Today we celebrate the life of our friend/loved one

Who has gone before us, the race he/she has won.

His/Her journey has now ended,

His/Her spirit has ascended

Claiming the great reward

With Jesus, our Lord.

Author Unknown

A Beautiful Day In Heaven

Death is but a passing

from darkness into light.

I awakened from my sleep

and beheld a glorious sight.

It’s a beautiful day in Heaven.

Love is everywhere.

Peace and comfort surround me.

No place on earth can compare.

I could never begin to describe

the wondrous things I see.

If you could glimpse at heaven,

you’d shed no tears for me.

Keep my memory in your heart.

Time will pass and then,

one beautiful day in heaven,

we’ll be together again.

Ron Tranmer ©

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