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Life is so full of distractions etc these days - the very Days when Jesus will be

Coming Soon. Many of us live, not so long as we expect. Life here on this Earth has become

stressful for most. It's Really Nice to Look Forward to Heaven. SHALL WE?

We Will Live In Paradise

We will live in Paradise

we shall skip and dance and sigh

throughout Heaven in God's sight.

Jesus keeps His Promise:

He will Bless and give us Rest

Glories will be manifest.

Give Him Praise, your hearts raise

He's our Strength throughout our days

we will frolic and be amazed.

Blessed Jesus, King of Kings

we will shout and laugh and sing

what expectations all this brings.

Give Him Praise, your hearts will Rise.

We will live with Him on High.

Janet Vargas  ©

A Blessed Transformation

My body lays in daises

but my spirit soars on high

Among myriads of Angels

high above the sky.

Jesus waited for me

to give me His Reward

For living to bless others

and my heart in one accord

With Him, my blessed Maker

of firmanent and Nature.

There was a blessed Reunion

of loved ones gathered there

they said they always cheered me on

I was always in their prayers.

He clothed me with a body

bright and new and young

I'm singing with the Angels

and life has just begun.

all Heaven is filled with Cheer!

I'm waiting for my loved ones

in the Rapture, come up here

I'm Rejoicing for you

all Heaven is filled with Cheer!

Janet Vargas ©

Looking Forward To Heaven

From rags to riches we will be

blessed Jesus, we will see.

We shall shed the things of Earth

we shall know nothing

but Peace and Mirth.

Our memories shall be Glad instead of sad

there will be no more 'good and bad'

The sin of Adam passed away

let's Rejoice throughout our days.

We have this Promise from One who is True

think of this, your thoughts Renew

Celebrate your life up there

oh such Beauty beyond compare.

Resting in our Master's Arms

we are free from all alarms

Give voice to Praise

your spirit raise.

Blessed Jesus we will See

we will walk in Liberty!

Janet Vargas ©

True Riches in Heaven consists of Beauty and Holiness and Righteousness,

not only Golden Streets etc  Heaven is a place that knows no corruption of sin....

material things or foods we eat....all the water is crystal clear and soft.

Luscious Fruits from Tree to Tree.....This shall be a Reality.....

Truly Fresh, He gives the Best!


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