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Some of you have seen my Poems

on my Inspirational Poem Sites.

In December 2016 - November 2018 I have written  

poems for Loved Ones and Friends in Heaven.

You will find my Poems on different Pages

as follows:

Looking Forward To Heaven

We Will Live In Paradise.

A Blessed Transformation.

Looking Forward To Heaven.

My Mum With Jesus

Our Mum And Gran.

A Special Person.

A Simple Christian Life.

Our Dear Mum.

Our Mum's Christmas Joy.

Mum and Jesus.

To Be Truly Spiritual.

Our Mum Ninety One.

Mum's Glory Poem.

The Victory's Yours Mum.

My Sister With Jesus

My Sister Sharon.

Sharon's Attributes.

A Heart To Bless.

Now There In Glory.

My Sister In Heaven.

Now She Lives Free.

My Sister – God’s Gift.

A Heart Of Compassion.

Sharon’s Heart And Life.

My Nephew With Jesus

A Man Called Allan.

My Friend and Brother.

A Gentle Man.

True Brother and Friend.

Such a Gifted Man.

A Man of Prayer.

A True Example.

Blessings for Allan.

In Memory Of You

Sweet Memories Of You.

A Loved One In Heaven.

Friends In Jesus

You're Happy In Heaven

Loved Ones Above

Sometimes Far Sometimes Near.

Our Mum's Christmas Joy.

Please Don't Fret

You're Happy In Heaven.

Vision of Heaven in Prayer.

Cheer Leaders in Heaven.

Comfort In Loss

My Loved One So Cherished.

Loved One Ultimately Healed.

Beautiful And Peaceful

Sweet Memories Of You.

You're Happy In Heaven.

Brothers And Sisters In Christ

Sweet Memories Of You.

Memories In Nature

Sweet Memories Of You.

Don't Fret For Loved Ones 

Please Don't Fret

Birthdays In Heaven

Mum's Birthday In Heaven.

By Janet Vargas ©

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