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Welcome To My Feedback Page

Thought I would add a Feedback Page here for you so you can read some comments being made to me about

Jesus Hope Of Heaven. I hav​e sought to make this website really Beautiful for my family and you.

Other websites can be so upsetting I know, due to so much negative content. Jesus is our Blessed Hope

and it's nice to share that Hope. God bless you!

What My Readers Are Saying

The blue sky in the website (home page) picture represents tenderness and comfort and that's what Heaven represents. Pretty beautiful, this website, and in reading these poems you get lasting memories.

Kay-Ann from Jamaica

This is a really nice website! These pages are highly comforting. Wow! They are inspiring us as well. The poems give me a sense of peace and encouragement. Love the music pages. This is a wonderful experience, it really is.

My Web Hosts in Jamaica

Janet, you sought to bring comfort to us and you are doing just that. It is obvious to us that you are "comforting others with the comfort you have been comforted with" many thanks.
Mark & Julie from USA

Janet. I am so pleased my friend told me about this website. She is right,

I actually felt uplifted when reading some of these pages and hearing the beautiful music you have here. Thank you so much!

Tania from Australia
We clicked on a disturbing website and the Holy Spirit led us here. There's so much mixture out there. This is a wonderful haven of comfort and cheer.
David & Carol from USA
What I love about this website is that you HAVE made it really beautiful. You have shown us the same respect you have for your family. I found no upsetting content here and in fact, you have comforted our family!

Marianne from Australia

Oh Janet, I love your pages Looking forward to Heaven and So much better There! You are reminding us of the hope of Heaven and what we have to look forward to with our Loved Ones. Thank You!

Debby  from  England

So Nice to find a beautiful website like this. If you are missing someone special like we are, look no further.....these pages are filled with lovely poems, and music pages comforting! I love the English language 15 years now.

Teresa from Italy

You have helped us through a difficult time Janet, we visit here every so many days to refresh our spirit (kids included). We look through your To Cheer You Up pages and hear the beautiful music as well. Many thanks.

John Kay & Kids from USA

Don't know what to say Janet, your website is so Comforting! I will visit your other websites soon. For now, I can feel some warmth inside instead of the emptiness. Thank God for you. I'm glad I found this link.

Bianca from Germany

It's been a few years since we lost our Gran. I found you on Google on a different search and thought I'd stop to pay her respects. Some poems reminded me of her ways and I found one of her favorite songs!

Gran's Girl from Australia

Looking Forward To Your Feedback

If you wish to make a personal note to me,

please mark it 'Personal'




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