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The Balm Of God's Love

When we lose someone we love,

The loss seems too great to bear

God sends us friends to comfort us,

To show that He deeply cares.

But in the dark hours of the night

When there's nobody else around,

When we feel the saddest and loneliest,

It's there God's love can be found.

It's like a soothing, healing balm

To soothe our broken hearts

The healing oil poured over us

That flows into every part

We can rest secure in God's love

And know He's by our side

He holds us when we feel as though

A part of us has died.

We can know that God will listen

When we just want to talk

And when we feel we need to cry,

We can share it with the Lord.

For He is always waiting there,

Ready with arms open wide

As we pour out the hurt within,

He pours His love inside.

Our Father above loves us so much

And will never leave us alone,

He will not forsake us in our need

To face this on our own.

He comforts us and strengthens us

And rubs us with His balm

And as the dawn breaks through the night,

We'll awake in His loving arms.

M.S.Lowndes  ©

Beyond The Grave

How do we convey

Just how we feel

When we lose someone we love?

How do we explain

The deep, lonely pain,

The emptiness left in us?

No words can express

The hurt and anguish

Nor touch on how we feel

God shares our tears

And gives us His love

And He, in time, will heal.

The hopes and the dreams

We had just remains

Like an unfinished book of their life

As an incomplete chapter,

Remains unfinished

With nothing more to write.

But we can know God's comfort

And know there is hope

With a new chapter to begin

We can hold on to God,

For He loves us so much

And fills the void within.

As we close one chapter,

Another can begin,

Though the one we love has gone

Through Christ's strength in us

And hope in our hearts,

We find courage to carry on.

M.S.Lowndes  ©

What Jesus Can Do For You

I see your pain,

I hear your doubt

I know you think

there’s no way out.

But, if Jesus can,

heal the sick and lame

I know for you . . .

He can do the same.

I hear your sorrow,

I see your grief

I know you think

they’ll be no relief.

But, if Jesus can,

calm the seas at will

I know for you . . .

your heart too will still.

I see your pain,

it’s written on your face . . .

but oh, what Jesus can do

with His love and grace!

Deborah Ann Belka  ©

Good Things

I cling no longer,

on the edge of loss

for I’ve placed my sorrow

down at the cross.

I sit no longer,

on the edge of despair

for I stand on knowing

God hears my prayer.

I hold no longer,

on the edge of grief

I’m free in knowing

God’s love brings relief.

I hang no longer,

on the edge of fear

I’m fixed on knowing

God is always near.

Though my pain,

at times is hard to take

I know good things

out of it God will make!

Deborah Ann Belka ©

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