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The Heart-Felt Cry

God hears your cries,

He hears your please

He is aware of . . .

your cares and needs.

He knows when you are,

feeling out and down

He knows you need

to sense He’s around.

So, if you’re hurting,

thinking God doesn’t care

believe me I know . . .

of your pain He’s aware.

For I have been,

just where you are

convincing myself

God from me was afar.

But, I have found this to be,

one of lies the enemy’s for,

God promises to hear

our heart-felt cries!

Deborah Ann Belka  ©

Tears In A Bottle

There is a bottle up in heaven,

filling up with all your tears.

Drop by drop the Lord collects,

the full harvest of your fears.

There is not a tear that falls,

where He is not aware.

For He understands each drip,

and the cause of your despair.

When tears of unhappiness,

are followed up with grief.

He garners them in His vial,

and sends peace for your relief.

He knows the real reason,

as He gathers up your pain.

And all your hurtful tears,

to Him become like rain.

He reaps each tender trickle,

with His mercies from above.

Collects them in His bottle,

and caps them with His love.

Deborah Ann Belka  ©

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