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To My Beloved

You had a talent for bringing special meaning to life,

It was such a pleasure to be your wife.

You helped me to grow and to realize 

the fullness and the beauty in our lives.

Every day I counted my blessings.

Then God called, and you went away

Out of this world to a brighter day.

Suddenly my life of gladness

experienced sadness, I shed so many tears.

As I recall your love and devotion through the years.

For your sake and in memory of your name,

I pray for strength to do things the same.

To reach out, to fill the hours with useful ways,

To comfort, to cheer and have no more empty days.

You moved away to His splendid Home above,

I know you will be waiting there for me with love

I count my blessings for the years you were with me.

My beloved, may you rest in peace.

Celia Wenig  ©

On Angels Wings You Went Away

On Angels Wings you went away

but in my heart you will always stay.

I will hear your whisper in the tallest trees

feel your love in the gentle breeze.

And when I find I miss you the most

inside our beautiful memories

I will hold you close.

You’re like an angel watching over me

with the comfort and blessings you bring

you embrace my heart and hold it close

forever on Angels Wings.

Author Unknown

I’m Sending a Dove to Heaven

I’m sending a dove to Heaven,

with a parcel on its wings.

Be careful when you open it,

it’s full of beautiful things.

Inside are a million kisses,

wrapped up in a million hugs,

to say how much I miss you,

and to send you all my love.

I hold you close within my heart,

and there you shall remain,

to walk with me throughout my life,

until we meet again.

Author Unknown

Miss Me but Let Me Go

When I come to the end of the road

And the sun has set for me

I want no rites in a gloom filled room

Why cry for a soul set free

Miss me a little – but not too long

And not with your head bowed low

Remember the love that we once shared

Miss me – but let me go

For this is a journey that we must all take

And each must go alone

It’s all a part of the Master’s plan

A step on the road to home

When you are lonely, and sick of heart

Go to the friends we know

And bury your sorrows in doing good deeds

Miss me – but let me go.

Author Unknown

My Husband

I can’t believe I’ve been so blessed

With a husband such as you.

To stand by me and hold my hand.

To help me make it through.

It hasn’t always been good times,

We’ve had our share of tears.

We’ve faced obstacles together

And overcame our fears.

In good times we have laughed so much

And shared some awesome days.

No one knows me like you do.

We’ve grown closer every day.

I know that you were made for me

And I was made for you.

Our life I so adore,

I hope you know deep in my heart

I could not love you more.

Author Unknown

In Loving Memory Of

A Special Husband

Sometimes I just sit quietly,

reflecting for a while;

imagining your voice, your face

your warm and loving smile.

For it’s so lovely to recall

the happy times we had,

when you played such a special role

as both husband and dad.

And at this very special time

I only wish you knew,

that I’d give all the world today

for one more hour with you.

But I still have my memories,

and since we’ve been apart,

it comforts me so much to know

that you’re right here in my heart.

Forever loved and sadly missed

and always in my heart.

Author Unknown

Pleasant Reminders Of You

I'll catch your smile on someone's face

your whisper in the wind's embrace

through diamond stars and songs and dreams

I find your love in everything.

The sun, the sky and rolling sea

all conspire to comfort me

from sorrow's edge, life's beauty seems

to find your love in everything.

Even as I fall apart

even through my shattered heart

I'll find your smile on someone's face

…...Amazing Grace.

Author Unknown

Sweet Memories Of You

I shall think of you when the stars twinkle

and the rain softly showers

when the trees blossom and bluebirds sing.

Thoughts of you shall not bring sorrow

sometimes reason is not ours to borrow

you could have been spared certain things.

Oh what Joy shall be Ours

when we see each-other once more

beyond those distant Shores.

Oh what tranquil Peace this brings

cares of earth my soul shall fling

when I think of this, my heart sings.


Janet Vargas ©

My Very Special Husband

When God was making husbands

as far as I can see,

He made a special soulmate

especially for me.

He gave my darling husband

a heart of solid gold,

He gave me wonderful memories

only my heart can hold,

He was someone I could talk to

that no one can replace,

He was someone I could laugh with

till tears ran down my face.

Next time we meet

will be at Heaven’s door,

When I see you standing there

I won’t cry anymore.

I will put my arms around you

and kiss your smiling face,

Then the pieces of my heart

will fall gently into place.

Miss You So Much

Author Unknown

Thank You For Your Love

Thank you for your endless love

That helps me through each day

And thank you for the memories

that never fade away.

You’re the man I loved

And I was proud to be your wife.

And every day in some small way

I celebrate your life.

And though it’s sad to think about

The way things were before

When we’re reunited

I will be forever more.

Author Unknown

Your Smile

Your smile seems forever gone

and your hand I cannot touch.

Still I have so many memories

of the one I loved so much.

Your memory is my keepsake

with which I will never part.

God has you in His keeping

I have you in my heart.

It is sad to talk the road alone

instead of side by side.

But to all there comes a moment

when the ways of life divide.

You gave me years of happiness

then came sorrow and tears.

But you left me beautiful memories

I will treasure through the years.

Author Unknown

To My Spouse

You filled the world with special joy

And happiness untold,

You always had a sunny way

And a lovely heart of gold.

You made life so much brighter

Just by being thoughtful, too,

And saying kind and helpful things

Was typical of you.

That’s why it’s hard to face the world

And know you won’t be there,

Lighting up life so warmly with

your smile beyond compare.

The memories you’ve left behind

Grow sweeter day by day

But you are missed dear Loved One,

More than any words can say.

Author Unknown

Missing You On Your Birthday


I miss the strength you gave me

and the comfort that you gave

And on your birthday, it's so hard

pretending to be brave.

But I've found hidden courage

and it helps to see me through

It guides me and protects me

and I know it comes from you.

Here on earth we shared a life

as happy as can be

And I never took for granted

all you meant to me.

So I shall spend your birthday

dreaming that you're here

and helping me to wipe away

every silent tear.

Author Unknown

A Place In My Heart

There’s a special place in my heart

Which I will keep for you

Where I will store all the memories

Of the things you used to do

When I feel sad, I will sit for a while

And things I remember

will make me smile

You are not forgotten;

I will always care

I will keep you in that special place

You will always be there

Now you are at rest

And I know it’s for the best

So ‘Rest In Peace’ and in my heart

We will never, ever, be apart.

Author Unknown

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