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Through Heaven’s Gates

As you were standing there

with heaven’s gate in front of you

I know the angels must have smiled

as the Lord kindly let you through.

I see the signs you send

even though you’re far away

I can hear you softly whisper

“I’ll meet you here one day.”

And when that time comes

and you gently take my hand

on the Other Side

I’ll understand God’s plan.

For you and I are part of it

and destiny has a way

of keeping two hearts together

until they meet again one day.

Author Unknown

I Do Not Think

My Song Will End

I do not think my song will end

while flowers, grass and trees..

Abound with birds and butterflies

for I am one with these.

And I believe my voice will sound

upon the whispering wind..

So long as even one remains

among those I call “friend.”

I shall remain in hearts and minds

of loved ones that I knew..

And in the rocks and hills and streams

because I love those, too.

So long as love and hope and dreams

abide in earth and sky..

Weep not for me, though I be gone

I shall not really die.

Author Unknown

The Special Times We Shared

We shared so much happiness

In times of yesterday …

And to say how much I miss you

I could never find a way.

I wish with all my heart

That you were here with me ..

And we could share the laughter

That there always used to be.

I know we’ll meet again

In another life my Friend

And those very special times

We once again will share.

Author Unknown

Dear Friends I Go

Dear friends I go, but do not weep

I’ve lived my life, so full and deep

Throughout my life, I gave my best

I earned my keep, I’ve earned my rest

I never tried to be great or grand

I tried to be a helping hand.

If I helped in a team, if I helped on my own

It was more than repaid by

family and friends I have known.

And if I went the extra mile, I did it with pleasure

It was all worthwhile

If I brightened your path, then let it be

A small contribution from my loved ones and me,

Now I must leave you and travel alone

that wonderful Paradise to know!

With such beautiful memories

That will forever be the way that I hope

You’ll remember me.

Author Unknown

Remember Him

Remember him with a smile today

He was not one for tears

Reflect instead on memories

Of all the happy years

Recall to mind the way he spoke

And all the things he said

His strength, his stance, the way he walked

Remember these instead

The good advice he’d give us

His eyes that shone with laughter

So much of him will never die

But live on ever after

As we loved you, so we miss you

In our memory you are near

Loved, remembered, longed for always

Bringing many a silent tear.

Author Unknown

Life Is A Stopping Place

Life is but a stopping place,

a pause in what’s to be,

a resting place along the

road to sweet eternity.

We all have different journeys,

different paths along the way,

we all were meant to learn some

things, but never meant to stay.

Our destination is a place

far greater than we know,

for some, the journey’s quicker,

for some the journey’s slow.

And when the journey finally ends,

we’ll claim a great reward,

and find an everlasting peace,

together with the Lord.

Author Unknown

To My Treasured Friend

Though there is gold up in the mountains,

Lovely pearls deep in the sea,

Those treasures do not mean as much

As your friendship means to me.

While diamonds may be beautiful,

And worth a lot of money,

They cannot give a warm embrace

Or share things we think are funny.

I know it's true some people

Will collect much priceless art,

Yet I have never seen a picture

That showed me a loving heart.

So I don't need to spend a fortune

To have what means the most to me.

Knowing that I have had your friendship

Will be a treasured memory.

Alora M. Knight © 2015

(Written by Lady 98 Years)

You're Happy In Heaven

You're frolicking in the meadows

you're out of the storms of life

You're in Heaven's Land of sweet delights

everything's precious, colorful and bright.

There is no stress and there's no alarms

everything has grace and charm.

Heaven's Land of Milk and Honey

every's free, there's no need for money.

The weather there is always sunny

birds rest on your shoulders and butterflies on bunnies.

No fears or sadness there

children's laughter fills the air.

And quiet places near streams and ponds

of all those things your heart is fond.

I'm so happy for you dear friend of mine

everything is now Divine.

Janet Vargas © Nov 2018


We think about you always,

we talk about you still,

you have never been forgotten,

and you never will.

We hold you close within our hearts,

and there you will remain,

to walk with us throughout our lives

until we meet again.

Author Unknown

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