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Grandma's Gone To Heaven

One quiet day the angels came

and took Grandma far away.

But in the stillness of the night

I could almost hear her say.

“Dear Grandchild – I will miss you

you mean so much to me

But Jesus called me to His side

in Heaven I will be.

A place of God's great Beauty

no tears or earthly cares

Only Peace and Joy forever

and Love beyond compare.

So remember all the Good times

don't think about the sad

Treasure all the Special moments

through the years we've always had.

And if you trust in Jesus

I can promise this and more

You will get a Hug from Grandma

some day on Heaven's Golden Shore.”

Author Unknown

My Grandma

Grandma, you were so sweet;

Like honey from a bee.

You always told me stories

As I sat there on your knee.

You always made me giggle

When I saw your smiling face.

You made my world such a special,

Happy, friendly place.

Megan Field ©

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