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Pilgrims on this Earth are We - We have a Destiny!

"Wishing you Peace to bring Comfort and Courage to face the days ahead

and Loving Memories to always hold in your hearts"

Do you have a Loved-One/Loved-Ones with Jesus? You are not alone, I have also and I have commenced this website with all it's beauty and inspirations to remember them and placing lots of pleasant Poems here so you can remember yours too and feel a little closeness to them.

They want you to be comforted and so do I.

I have an ongoing project for screening Poems for you and placing them on this website for you with respective copyrights credited to their individual owners, so you are not distressed with poor content people often are when looking for Poems - you will find nothing upsetting here. You may feel emotional, that is natural but you will find quality and thoughtful content here in respect to your wishes. God Bless!

Prince of Peace - Loving Brother

'In His Presence there is Fullness of JOY" if that is so here spiritually, how much more there literally?  Let's be happy for them (as much as we are able). I miss my dear ones very much and like to remember precious memories of them and Rejoice for them sometimes.

Paradise - In His Sight

In Scripture, The Lord says He does not take pleasure in death. However, there is a really nice verse that says "How precious to The Lord is the death of His children" why? Because He liberates us from all the stress and sadness in this world and we get to Live in His Paradise - Our Heavenly Homeland!

Morning Prayer - Hope Of Heaven

Let's bask or bathe in His Presence each morning or sing a song of Praise when we wake or rise from our bed. It helps if you can do this to start the day. I will provide some help for Scripture Meditations soon. "Wait on The Lord, be of Good Courage and He will strengthen your hearts!"
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