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My Sister's Glory Poems

June 2017

My sister was a precious Gem, her heart won her many friends.

She was single yet an aunty and mother figure to all the children who knew her:

Sunday School kids and Music Students - they all had eyes and ears for her

and lots of hugs as well.

She loved to go on holidays close and far, she had a

spirit of adventure and always showed an interest in everyone she met from day

to day in her personal life......supermarket assistants, bank workers, people walking

in the parks. She was an excellent driver here or overseas, who would attempt

anything that gave her heart wings. She loved the hills and especially the beach.

Her love for Jesus was without question in so many ways, spreading His

fragrance wherever she went.

My Sister Sharon

My sister is so beautiful

she really is a Gem

If ever you are needy

you would have her as your friend.

She really loves the scriptures

and is a precious picture

of the Beauty of The Lord

her precious heart affords.

She shows her gracious spirit

in everything she does

and gives a sweet reflection

of Jesus' precious Love.

She is my best example

of a heart entwined with His

One moment of her company

I really would not miss.

I cherish those moments with her

I thank God for her birth.

My Baby Sister

My baby sister, at the age of twelve

your blessings I would not keep on a shelf.

You had some here but many more there

truly they are beyond compare.

Reunited with Mum and bright like the sun

all your days are now, your journey is run.

I shall not fret for you are truly blessed

and blessings sent here are manifest.

For I notice a difference in my days

when I meditate and when I pray.

I'm conscious you're watching over me

my sister who loved the hills and sea.

Sharon's Attributes

Sharon was refreshment to one's soul

if you were upset, she made you feel whole.

She was full of energy and enthusiasm -

into life and people throughout her years.

She was coolness on a summer's day

and warmth in the winter.

She was so considerate and polite -

she often placed others before herself.

She always showed an interest in others

wherever she went

she gave encouragements Heaven sent.

She could make you smile and make you laugh

each day with Jesus she would start.

No wonder she is cherished and remembered

she was such a blessing from her birth.

She brought Jesus' Love to everyone

her ways were contagious and she was fun.

A word in due season she would give

she says to us now "Peace"

and let your hearts live.

A Heart To Bless

These last few years were not easy for her

she gave us her best, she did not want us to fret.

Now she is in that Land of Delight

sadness and worry are out of sight.

But she cast them on Jesus, always on Jesus.

She would never weigh you down with cares or concerns

many things from her we could learn.

She always looked out for her sisters and brothers

she cherished memories like no other.

She brought lightness of heart right from the start

she never wanted to miss the mark

of the high calling in Christ

He was by her side.

Now her body's at rest and she is so blessed

beyond compare, beyond those stairs.

She's with her Mum now she has run

her Race with Grace

and she has Won!

Now There In Glory

Peace be to you Sharon and Peace be to us

and Joy, pure Joy, Blessing and Love

you always cared for us.

Now you can feast and sup and frolic

to your heart's content, skipping and singing

each moment bringing bliss.

You no longer miss your little Mum now young.

Yes you both have new strength and beauty there

not a worry, not a care

so free now, yes gloriously Free!

My Sister In Heaven

My Sister is in Heaven now from whence she was sent

She can run and leap and skip and dance

in her Homeland without relent.

Pure blessings are hers without any sorrow

not an hour of someone's time to borrow.

She had chosen vessels to meet her needs

they were so compassionate, now she is Free.

Free like the birds and butterflies

Free in that Land where no-one dies

she sings with the angels and she sings with our Mum

her heart is light and she shines like the sun.

She exchanged her abode for one Above

all is provided, what Wondrous Love.

Her Reward is unfolding each moment there

Promises Kept beyond compare.

Oh how we loved your precious heart

now you dance with the angels

and sing like a lark.

Now She Lives Free

How precious to The Lord

is the passing of His children

It is not a punishment for lack of Faith

it is from this world a welcomed break.

It is the bell-boy that takes us to the Top Floor

to all those things we have longed for more.

Be comforted in His Presence dear

Mum's love and the angels are very near

soon you will see her and be clothed with mirth

and shed all the dross from this Earth

wakened in Glorious Splendor

to Glorious Peace and laughter.

Yes, you will bathe in the River of Life with Mum

endless days that shine like the Son.

There is no fear in that Land of Delight

no sadness, no pain, they're out of sight.

It's only the parting of loved-ones here

but you get to see others, you've not seen for years.

Soon those who love Jesus will be gathered up there

to the greatest Reunion beyond those stairs.

Blissful is the Hope that we share

brighter than diamonds very rare.

Birds and butterflies fill the air

lush green grass so soft to touch.

Flowers so colorful and hearts the are full

so measureless.

Do not fret precious Loved-one of ours

take Joy in Jesus - all things become New

wrapped in His Love so very True.

My Sister – God’s Gift

Sharon was a Gift from God

she walked where the patriarchs trod

With Jesus Grace upon her face

she brought cheer to those who were near

When her faith was tested

she always rested

In the Presence of God

on this earthly sod.

She kept her heart sweet as a lark.

She loved to sing and worship Him.

She gave assistance, there was no resistance

to the needs of others, her sisters and brothers.

She relinquished her will for His

surely she will not miss

Her Reward in Heaven where there is no leaven

no sorrow, no pain but all to gain

Reunited with Mum

her journey is run.

A Heart Of Compassion

My sister was truly one of a kind

she thought not much of her own needs

But yours and mine

she was always attending

Where she felt God was sending.

her ears were attentive

With pure incentive

if she could relieve someone’s distress

They could be at peace and also rest.

she knew the words that would cheer you up

She made our hearts to feast and sup.

she gave her best so others could rest.

She desired to bring Jesus Love

with the gentleness of a dove.

Our hearts were touched

for she loved much.

Her life and presence can still be traced

in the loving expressions

on each one’s face.

Sharon’s Heart And Life

Sharon treasured her memories

may we treasure her.

Since she was young, she had little treasures

gifts that she would give away

memoirs of different places she stayed.

She was always into life

making memories and touching lives

She had many friends, far and near

for she was one who brought good cheer.

Her presence was contagious and often sought

such blessings cannot be sold or bought

She loved the beach and she loved to teach

the children loved her, they were filled with mirth.

She gave them laughter and made things fun

her countenance was cheerful like the sun.

Mum brought her up like Poly-Anna

always finding something to be happy about.

They were inseparable to the end

they loved each-other and were the best of friends

Nothing in life could separate

‘till Mum reached those Pearly Gates

Now they’re together, blessings beyond measure

we will remember them ‘till our journey is run

And we go to meet them like the warmth of the sun

It shall be pleasant indeed

in the Land of the Free!

To me, Sharon's sweetness will be in the air we breathe, just to know

she walked this earth and has been ours because Mum had her.

Please do not fret because she has been ours for a time.

Her Blessings are many now she is FREE!


Please Respect, Each One Of The Above Poems Are Strictly Copyright To Myself For My Sister

Specially Worded For Her. There Are Many Poems Provided For You And Your Loved Ones On This Website

I Have Searched Tirelessly To Bring Your Way - Each One Has Been Selectively Chosen.

Janet Vargas ©

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