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Sweet Memories Of You

I shall think of you when the stars twinkle

and the rain softly showers

when the trees blossom and bluebirds sing.

Thoughts of you shall not bring sorrow

sometimes reason is not ours to borrow

you could have been spared certain things.

Oh what Joy shall be Ours

when we see each-other once more

beyond those distant Shores.

Oh what tranquil Peace this brings

cares of earth my soul shall fling

when I think of this, my heart sings.


Janet Vargas  ©  2018

Sister and Mum 

in Heaven

My Sister and Mum

now they're young.

No more resting on rocking chairs

in beautiful fields, they're frolicking there.

Nineties and fifties, they're now the same age

they trusted Jesus' Promises great.

They sought for healing, His Presence more

He opened to each that Heavenly door.

Death is not to be feared, it is the Bell Boy

to the Top Floor where you have such Joy.

Yes when you love Jesus, you are taken up

there with Jesus to feast and sup.

Certain beauty here is rare 

but plentiful there

No sorrow's in sight

for everything's bright.

Smiling faces and trickles of laughter

enjoying each moment in the Hereafter.

One day I'll be with them, blessed moment divine

then all the Joy that is theirs will also be mine.

Yes and a wonderful Reunion

no more, the world's intrusion.

A perfect memory I will have

remembering things glad and nothing sad.

We'll have so much to share of our glad times

 here and also there

Blissful there I shall be

in that Land of the Free.

My Mum and my Sister are waiting for me

one day their joyful faces I'll See!

Janet Vargas © 2018

A Wonderful Aunty

Our Aunty Kath was a wonderful girl

she had things about her that were really swell. 

If there was something up, she was there in a flash

yes, out her door, she would dash.

A wonderful woman of compassion and care

she had such a heart from her Maker Upstairs.

She enjoyed getting together with her friends

a helping hand, she would lend.

She was a very good keeper of her home

from her loving husband, she did not roam

(where he was, she was)

Family was her vision for life

her children and grandchildren always in sight.

How we love you, Aunty of ours

in Heaven, you're with Camelia flowers!

(Our Aunty Kath)

Janet Vargas © 2019

Such A Lovely Sister

(A Medley Of Poems)

You went away so suddenly

we did not say goodbye ..

But Sisters can’t be parted

precious memories never die.

You played a big part of my life,

but now that you are gone ..

The love that I still have for you

will just go on and on.

It broke my heart to lose you, Sis

but to stay just brought you pain ..

Love alone could not save you

but I know we’ll meet again.

Our pathway changes

as life goes along ..

but the bond between us

remains forever strong. ”

I miss you Sister

Goodbye to you dear Sister

you deserve eternal rest ..

You cared so much for everyone

and always did your best.

Authors Unknown

A Cheery Uncle

Our Uncle Alan was a wonderful man

to me, he was one of the best in our Land.

He was always thankful, he never complained

would that all folks were just the same.

Something did not work out for him in life

but sadness and sorrow were out of sight.

For his countenance was always cheerful

a gift from God

while walking on this earthly sod.

If you were down, he would make you feel bright

something that bothered you would just take flight.

He loved his garden with grapes and roses

he would treat each one of us as if he chose us.

He always greeted us with a keen smile

when he came to the door

He was one of a kind, I could say more.

He gave life his best, he always enjoyed it

a good example, we should employ it.

(Our Uncle Alan)

Janet Vargas © 2019

Mum's Birthday In Heaven

You really were a wonderful Mum

and you still are beyond those wonderful stars.

You're praying for me and wishing me well

in the Arms of Jesus I am held

until the day I see your face again

my wonderful Mum and my best friend.

When I hear your voice I shall rejoice

we shall converse once more

beyond those Heavenly shores.

We shall walk together, this I treasure

through fields of flowers

where leisure lasts for hours.

Until then, keep enjoying Jesus

who came to release us

into a New Day, He paved the way.

Joy comes in the Morning Light

we're precious in His sight.

Janet Vargas © 2018

Our Aunty Kath

Our Aunty Kath was quite a girl

she could make the kiddies feet dance and swirl

She always had a cheery presence

through the years, she had that essence

She loved to help others like no other

she was always there with love and care

She showed her care in practical ways

such caring one could not repay

For she loved from the heart

right from the start!

(Our Aunty Kath)

Janet Vargas © 2019

Mum's Qualities

I miss you Mum

your smiley eyes

were sparkly like the sun.

Your voice so cheerful

and your ways so endearing.

There is no mum endearing like mine

she had Grace divine

always a kind word

and guidance to prayer.

She would take things with you

to God upstairs.

She was one for fortitude and gratitude

and stood the tests of time.

Her rewards were waiting

now she has mirth.

Love you Mum!

Janet Vargas © 2018

My Nephew

Friend and Brother

My Nephew and Friend, he was both to me

a wonderful Brother, he was always for me.

Just like Jesus, he would always be there

many secrets we did share.

Sometimes the glad and sometimes the sad.

From the impositions of this world he is free

now he can sing blessed melodies.

He sang some here but many more there

Joyful steps have replaced his chair.

He frolics in the meadows, he has taken on youth

all because he trusted in Truth......

he would be with Jesus who Came to Free us.

His love for Jesus was fervent, unmatched

when often experiencing a rough patch. 

For he had challenges with health

but Heavenly wealth.

In his spirit, he did not have to feel it.

To him, we have a choice to be glad or sad

so he chose to be glad instead of mad......

If something upset him, he would look to his Lord

and His Praises he would afford.

That's why most times, he sounded cheery

sometimes he would be a little weary.

Now he has his Reward beyond that Shore

all his wishes in sight, who could ask for more?

For Jesus has a Measuring Rod

Gladness for sadness on this earthly sod.

I can imagine how rich he would be

Rejoicing with Jesus in that Land of the Free.

Spiritual riches, how many there are

and physical comforts beyond those stars.

Beauty for ashes, that's what they say

in that Blessed Homeland, Jesus paved the way.

A Field of Blossoms for your front yard

a glorious waterfall at your back

My Nephew, my Brother, my Friend

there is nothing you lack.

I am rejoicing for you and I love you!

Janet Vargas © 2018

A Wonderful Man

What a wonderful man he was and so endearing

he was full of thankfulness with a grateful heart

He would welcome us with a courteous smile

he had a contagious grin, your heart he would win

He had joy in his spirit, he did not conceal it

A positive outlook on life, one without discord or strife

He had a simple belief in God

he said keep your heart clean and don't be mean

He had many hours to think on his own

and his generosity was always shown

Yes he would welcome you in, your affections to win

he was a wonderful man and so endearing.

(Our Uncle Alan)

Janet Vargas © 2019

A Loved One In Heaven

Heaven and Nature Sing they do

whenever I think of you

Heaven and Nature Sing they do

I love you, I love you, I love you!

I will not be sad but glad

each time I think of you

You're sending me this greeting from Heaven

I love you, I love you, I love you!

The sun shines on my window seal

and it's warmth I feel

"come out for a walk today"

your love has paved the way

to come out and be blessed

in this I rest

we're one in spirit

sometimes I feel it

Yes, Heaven and Nature Sing

such Peace this brings!

Janet Vargas  ©  2018

My Aunty Kath

My Aunty was pretty when she was young

she looked like a baby doll when I saw her last

In her late eighties, standing by her door

Such a wonderful greeting, who could ask for more?

Only more of her company, she had such charm

many children she held in her arms

She loved kids and cared for them, she would cheer them up

if there was something on their little minds, joy would erupt

She was so contagious and very gracious

That is my Aunt, her race is run!

(Our Aunty Kath)

Janet Vargas © 2019

A Noble Soul

Uncle Alan, he was a noble soul

sometimes he felt less than whole

But he would play his roll in an Old Folks Home

giving a cheery word and smile, keep you company for a while

He often sat by a window singing songs

he had such contentment for which many long

His circumstances were less than ideal

he made the most of things, joy to your heart he would bring

Showing himself friendly and thinking of others

treating everyone like sisters and brothers

A courteous man and so polite

his contagious grin was the best in sight!

(Our Uncle Alan)

Janet Vargas © 2019

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