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There is No Light

Without a Dawning.


We Will Live In Paradise.

A Blessed Transformation.

Looking Forward To Heaven.


Please Don't Fret.

Off This Earth One Day.


What Is Love.

The Blessings In Sharing.

God Loves And Understands.

His Likeness Shines Forth.

The Fragrance Remains.

In His Footsteps.

Friendships Flower.

Heart Gifts.

In His Footsteps.

The Richest Gifts.

Enfolded in His Love.


Off This Earth One Day.


The Heart-Felt Cry.

Tears In A Bottle.


The Balm Of God's Love.

Beyond The Grave.

What Jesus Can Do For You.

Good Things.


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You will be Blessed!

Heavenly Song Videos

These are 10 lovely Video Songs for those who have Loved Ones in Heaven.  My 3 loved ones are there too - I love these songs.

There are 5 Compassionate Songs:  Go Rest On That Mountain  |  Hope Of A Broken World  |  It Is Well With My Soul  |  Never Too Broken  |  

I Know Who Holds Tomorrow

There are 5 Rejoicing Songs:  Come Springtime  |  Heaven Is My Home  |  Sweet By And By  |  Farther Along  |  Angels In The Room

Quiet Worship Music 

The Mercy Of God | Unfailing Love | Heavens Shall Declare | by Geoff Bullock

Fathers Heart | Heavens Embrace | He Who Dwells | Quietness And Trust | by Julie True

Draw Me Close To You | You Are My Hiding Place | by Michael Smith

Holy Holy Holy | There Is A Redeemer | by Keith Green

These are MP3s


A Special Person.

A Simple Christian Life.

Our Dear Mum.

Mum and Jesus.

To Be Truly Spiritual.

Our Mum Ninety One.

Mum's Glory Poem.

The Victory's Yours Mum.

My Sister Sharon.

My Baby Sister.

Sharon's Attributes.

A Heart To Bless.

Now There In Glory.

My Sister In Heaven.

Now She Lives Free.

My Sister – God’s Gift.

A Heart Of Compassion.

Sharon’s Heart And Life.

A Man Called Allan.

My Friend and Brother.

A Gentle Man.

True Brother and Friend.

Such a Gifted Man.

A Man of Prayer.

A True Example.

Blessings for Allan.

Sweet Memories Of You.

Such A Lovely Sister.

Sister and Mum in Heaven.

A Wonderful Aunty.

A Cheery Uncle.

Mum's Qualities

Mum's Birthday In Heaven.

My Nephew Friend and Brother

A Loved One In Heaven.

Our Aunty Kath.

A Wonderful Man.

My Aunty Kath.

A Noble Soul.

Loved Ones - Friends In Heaven

Hugs From Heaven.

I’m Sending A Dove To Heaven.

Sometimes Far Sometimes Near.

Wonderful Dream.

Completely Free.

Our Mum's Christmas Joy.

You're Happy In Heaven.

Vision of Heaven in Prayer.

Happy Birthday in Heaven.

Sending Hugs and Kisses.

Cheer Leaders in Heaven.

For A Time.

Waiting at Heaven's Door.

Miss Me but Let Me Go.

She is Gone.

Life: A Stepping Stone.

Don't Weep For Me.

Love Lives On.

The Broken Chain.

When The Sun Comes

Up Tomorrow.

These Flowers Are Just For You.

In Peace Go Home.

I Am Free!

God's Garden.

My Loved One So Cherished.

Loved One Ultimately Healed.

I'm There Inside Your Heart.


I Miss Your Laughter.

My Angel in the Sky.

Her Name Sings My Soul.

We Miss You So Much.

For Such A Little While.


Sweet Child.

I Miss You Too.

My Child.

Dear Child in Heaven.

I Remember You.

Don't Think Of Him

As Gone Away.

Oh Precious, Tiny,

Sweet Little One..

For My Little One.

When You Were Small.

Forget Me Not.

A Precious Cord.

My Precious Little Girl.

Little Snowdrop.


Please Don’t Ever Tell Me.

If Only I Could.

To A Baby Who Wasn't Born.

Talking Is Releasing.

Love Lives On.

In Our Hearts.

Broken Chain.

One Year Today.

From your Angel in Heaven.

On Angels Wings You.

Were Taken Away.

Through Heaven’s Gates.

I Do Not Think

My Song Will End.

The Special Times We Shared.

Dear Friends I Go.

Remember Him.

To My Treasured Friend.

Life Is A Stopping Place.

You're Happy In Heaven.


While Waiting for Thee.

You're Happy In Heaven.

Sweet Memories Of You.

God of the Open Air.

My Sister Wait For Me.

A Beautiful Day In Heaven.

God Called Your Name

So Softly.

You're Happy In Heaven.

Do Not Stand By And Weep.

Finding You in Beauty.

Heaven’s Light.

(what they would say to us)


Don’t Weep For Me.

Please Don't Fret

Miss Me But Let Me Go.

Don’t Cry For Me.

Son Now In Heaven.

Life – Our Journey.

A Beautiful Day In Heaven.

Until We Meet Again.

(A Sister)


Sweet Memories Of You.

A Beautiful Day In Heaven.

Heaven’s Light

May You Always Walk In Sunshine.

For a dear loved one.

Safely Home.

I’m Free.

Please Don't Fret

No Tears In Heaven.

There’s Nothing....

Son Now In Heaven.

Grandma's Gone To Heaven.

My Grandma.

Sweet Memories Of You.

Pleasant Reminders Of You.

I Heard Your Voice

In The Wind Today.

God of the Open Air.

The Comfort and Sweetness of Peace.

Heaven’s Light.

There Is No Night.

Your Spirit Lives.

To My Grandfather.

There Is No Night.

Only One Mother.

My Mother’s Garden.

Wonderful Mother.

A Mother’s Love.

In Remembrance.

We Had a Wonderful Mother.

Dad is Such a Special Word.

Remember Him.


My Dad Always.

Dad Remembered Here.

‘Til We Meet Again Dad.

My Dad

My Dad – Like No Other.

In loving Memory Dad.

For Daddy.

Always In Our Hearts.

(A Son)

I Am Learning How To Live.

(Daughter or Son)

I Miss You Son.

A Beautiful Day In Heaven.

Son Now In Heaven.

Dear Mom.

A Special Son.

To My Beloved.

On Angels Wings You Went Away.

I’m Sending a Dove to Heaven.

Miss Me but Let Me Go.

My Husband.

In Loving Memory Of

A Special Husband.

Pleasant Reminders Of You.

Sweet Memories Of You.

My Very Special Husband.

Thank You For Your Love.

Your Smile.

To My Spouse.

Missing You On Your Birthday.

A Place In My Heart.

What Is A Mom?

More Coming Soon!

My Sister, My First Friend.

Thinking Of You Sister.

My Special Brother.

Your Smile.

Letting Go.

Always In Our Hearts.

(A Brother)

To My Brother.

Dearest Sister.

My Brother.

To My Sister…

Dear Sister In Heaven.

He is Gone.

Dear Brother Your Memory

Will Never Fade.

For Your Birthday In Heaven

Mum's Birthday In Heaven

A Grandma's Heart.

A Wife, A Mother, A Grandma Too.

A Very Special Grandma.

A Love Like No Other.

A Legacy of Love.

We Had A Wonderful



Such A Good Grandma.

Our Nanny.

Our Grandad.

The Wonder Of Our Grandma.

Grandfather Kept a Garden.

Nan's Special Smile.

My Grandfather.

If Flowers Grow In Heave.

A Poem for Grandma.

My Grandma.

Someone Is Missing.

Dear Child in Heaven.

My Dad.

Love Lives On.

Never Forgotten.

Love In Every Tear.

These Are My Footprints.

Letting Go.

No Tears In Heaven.

After Glow.

Weep Not For Me.

How Grateful I Would Be.

To Have Just One More Day.

Heaven’s Door.

In Loving Memory

Of My Beautiful Dad.

When You Feel Lonely.

‘Til We Meet Again Dad.

Grandma Meant So Much

I Really Miss You Daddy.

Dad's Smile.

I Miss My Baby.

Thoughts And Feelings.

You Are Missed

So Very Much.

If Tears Could Build A Stairway.

His/Her Journey Has Just Begun.

Coming To Terms With Loss

When I Must Leave You

The Final Flight

Miss Me But Let Me Go

Just To Cheer You Up

See these lovely surprise Pages in the Menu on the top right of your screen, to Cheer You Up if the stress of life around you is a bit much for you. 

If you are missing a loved one, these pages are possibly the very thing you need to lighten your day a little and bring some comfort.

 These are some of my leisure folders on Pinterest and you don't need a membership to view these, wonderful....... cute.......

inspiring........ awesome......and beautiful Pictures......I often love to go to them myself and my friends like them very much too.

Pages in this Menu are: Happy Things To Think About   |   Creatures In Creation - Do See   |    Absolute Beauty and Grace

Cute Pics from a Loving Creator  |   Wonder And Beauty Of Creation  |   Birds Butterflies Small Creatures   |   Lakes Ponds Rivers Waterfalls

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