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Good Morning Joy

Good morning joy,

it’s so nice to see you

its such a blessing

to have you in my view.

Good morning joy,

thank you for greeting me

it’s so nice knowing

today with me you’ll be.

Good morning joy,

it’s a wonder you are here

I know God sent you

to dry my every tear.

Good morning joy,

though I’m still grieving

just the thought of you

is soothing and relieving.

Good morning joy,

it’s so comforting to know

you’ll be following me

where ever today I go!

Deborah Ann Belka  ©

A New Song

A new song,

God’s put in my heart

of how His mercy

came to do its part.

He took my sorrow,

turned it into hope

gave me the grace

each day to cope.

A new song,

I’m going to sing

so others to Him . . .

my grief might bring.

He’s given to me,

a brand new melody

and for my heartache

joy is now its remedy.

A new song,

God’s given to me

thru grief I’ve a glimpse

of eternal glee!

Deborah Ann Belka ©

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