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Off This Earth One Day

We’re off this earth one day

with no more homage to pay

No sin, no debts, no tax, no loans

for Heaven's our Home and we'll not roam

Death is a bellboy that takes us up

where with Jesus, we feast and sup

No more burdens there

that Land beyond compare

Yes, Heaven Blessed

will be manifest

In Him abide

stay close by His side

Your sure Reward

those distant Shores

Can be Closer than you think

do not let your heart sink

Into sadness

but be lifted with gladness

You will see it all one day

and the things of earth erase

pain and sorrow

things not yours to borrow

unfair laws

and endless chores

We're off this earth one day

and Heaven is our Home.

Janet Vargas ©

Please Don't Fret

Don't grieve for me - the sad times passed

I'm here in our Homeland, Free at-last.

I have the ultimate healing because

I've left the world, I'm in His Arms of Glory held.

For here in Heaven, there's His Big Embrace

and Joy is seen on each one's face.

Jesus walks among us as our Big Brother and Friend

this is our Home now, we're never alone.

Please do not recall my sufferings past

lay them on Jesus, I'm here at last.

It's True what Scriptures say:

those things we've endured cannot compare

with the weight of His Glory awaiting us..

Yes measureless blessings, on earth untold,

for we cannot describe them, you would have to behold.

And when you too, pass over the other side,

the glorious liberty of the children of God

will be yours also as they are mine.

And you will see Your Rewards for patience on earth

Until then be strong, your Race to run

when you're feeling weak, Rest in His Love.

Janet Vargas © Nov 2018

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