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For Your Birthday In Heaven

Your Birthday’s here, my Sister

but you aren’t ..

I’d send a gift

but know I can’t.

So I’ll make a wish

upon a star ..

to carry my love

to where you are.

Happy Birthday!

Author Unknown

Mum's Birthday In Heaven

You really were a wonderful Mum

and you still are beyond those beautiful stars

You're praying for me and wishing me well

in the Arms of Jesus, I am held

until I see your face again

my wonderful Mum and my best friend.

When I hear your voice

I shall Rejoice!

We shall converse once more

beyond those Heavenly shores

We shall walk together

this I treasure

through fields of flowers

where  leisure lasts for hours.

Until then, keep enjoying Jesus

who Came to release us

into a New Day

He paved the Way.....

JOY COMES in the Morning Light

we're Precious in His Sight

I Love You!

Janet Vargas  © 2018

Happy Birthday in Heaven

Today is your birthday in Heaven above

My blessings I send on wings of a dove

Not just for today but each day hereof....

I think of you always with all of my love

Always missed Always loved.

Toni Kane ©

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