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Elaine and Sharon and Allan

they touched the lives of others

and were such a blessing.


My Loved-Ones In Heaven

On the sub-pages in the Menu "My Loved Ones" you will see Poems I wrote for my Mother 91 my Sister 54 my Nephew 62  in 2017 and 2018. They had serious health challenges, and also a real love for Jesus and  for those around them and now they Live in Heaven with Him and each-other, where they know no more pain or discomfort or the stress of this world we live in. What a BLESSING of BLESSINGS is theirs where no JOY or PEACE or GLADNESS diminishes and no BEAUTY ever fades. ALL is WELL for them and Countless Others who now Reside with their PRINCE of PEACE and EVERLASTING FATHER. Though I miss them dearly, I REJOICE for them often in my thoughts and songs of Praise!

My Mum was a precious 'every-day person' with a simple outlook on Life and Prayer - she changed her worries into prayer and had optimism for each new day. She had such understanding for others - so caring and interested in life and people around her and they loved her unassuming ways and her strong spirit for living.
My Sister had a strong spirit for living also and a fervent love for Jesus! She loved to travel - short car trips, and far when she could. Sharon showed a real interest in others (unmatched) everywhere she went in her daily life and could bring refreshment to one's soul with her cheerful manner and love for The Lord.
My Nephew-in-Law was such a dear man who lived his later years for Jesus and others. His cheery hellos despite physical challenges was amazing as was his giftings and talents and willingness to help others in spiritual and practical ways. So wise and benevolent and passionate with Praise for Jesus.

Their Poems - Each Page

There are 8-10 Poems with a difference I've written for them that friends and visitors to one of my inspirational websites have shown much interest in. I think you would possibly enjoy reading them.
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